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In these times of instant gratification we must remember that

it’s important to continue to nurture ourselves.

It’s time to bring self care back to its roots by revitalizing the entire self.

A “quick fix” is just that – a procedure that treats the outward

symptoms and does not address the internal causes of the condition.

 It seems everyone is in a rush these days and now more than ever we need to

slow down and recharge our bodies, minds and spirits.  

 Regarding skin care, Lori’s objective is quite simply to make a difference.

She wants to help you achieve your personal skin care goals

in the least invasive way, by combining professional treatments

with the best possible home care available. 

As a massage therapist Lori strives to create a rapport with her

clients and help put them at ease during their session. Along with her 

in-depth knowledge of the human body and competency in different

massage techniques, Lori seeks to get to know and to care about each of her clients.  


Lori has also built a wonderful network of professionals that she can refer clients

 in need of additional treatments such as Dermatology, Botox, Fillers,

Cosmetic Dentistry, and Wellness services.


Her goal is to help you find the keys to having a

healthy mind and a healthy body, and to look and feel your best.

It’s not just about a client and a practitioner, it’s about making a connection,

establishing trust and forging close relationships.


Skin Sense Body Balance... The Harmony of Health and Beauty !

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