It's been 9 years since I started my venture with Skin Sense!
Thanks to faithful customers like yourself, this past year has been one of growth, changes, and adventure. Thank you. They're simple words, but I can't say them enough to my clients, my family, and my friends. Your support and encouragement has been amazing. I am so excited to continue to grow my business at Trilogy Studio with my incredible partners Joyce Morrow of the Massage Studio and Alison Kelly of Brows by Alison. We are so happy to have created such a special place, and truly enjoy sharing it with all of you. I'm grateful for each and every one of you as you share your experiences and refer your friends and family to SSBB.  Thank you for trusting me to help you reach your goals and be able to give you a quite break in your busy lives.  You've helped Skin Sense Body Balance to grow it into something special, and I look forward to sharing new ideas, new services and continuing the journey with you all.

 I can't wait for what's next!! :)

Harmony, Health, & Beauty