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Botanical Balance was developed by Lori using only the finest raw materials available. They are never bleached or processed, conserving all of their nourishing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and brilliant natural colors. All of our formulas incorporate the use of high quality essential oils, organic and wildcrafted herbs and herbal infusions, food grade vegetable oils and butters, and pure vitalized water! Crafting with these exceptional ingredients ensures that you won't find products of this caliber anywhere else. ​

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Oxygen Ceuticals — a powerful cosmetic skincare brand from South Korea, where skin care is always on the cutting edge. These products are infused with pure oxygen and peptides, botanicals, vitamins and stems cells, with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Oxygen Ceuticals has developed a patented oxygen complex process to stabilize and encapsulate pure oxygen into nanosome structures. Pure oxygen and other nutrients are delivered to the skin through time-released nanosomes. This highly effective micro-encapsulation technology delivers active ingredients to the upper layers of the skin.  The flagship product Caviar Cream utilizes 12% caviar extract, the same as that famous expensive French cream.

DERModality™ Corrective Skin Care is designed to emulate medical grade products by the use of highly refined pharmaceutical based ingredients.
Our serums are designed to enhance all daily regimens including acne, anti-aging and pigmented skin types. H2t/Dermodality products are engineered using the latest Medical, Pharmaceutical & Natural Prescription technologies that provide predictable and controllable results.



All M’lis products and programs tap in to the body’s ability to renew, cleanse, and restore itself. We don’t use chemicals or drugs that so often temporarily

provide results while ultimately creating problems in the long run.

Health and renewal comes from within, and M’lis products and treatments can help clients find and make use of this great power.

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