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Anatomy of a Facial

All facials are performed with carefully chosen professional products. The facials listed here are based on the Traditional European Facial Steps meant to be used as a starting point. Every facial is customized for the client based on their particular skin type and individual skin condition and recommendations are made as to which products and treatments will achieve the best results.

European Facial

- Cleansing - Exfoliation - Hand & Arm Massage - Thorough Extractions - Aromatherapy Steam -

Essential Oil Rebalancing - Facial Massage -

Treatment Mask - Scalp Massage -

Organic Options Available

60 minutes


Skin Sense
Signature Facial

- Cleansing - Exfoliation - Hand & Arm Massage - Thorough Extractions - Aromatherapy Steam - Essential Oil Rebalancing - Facial, Accupressure & Lymphatic Massage - Corrective Serum - Eye Treatment - Mask -Scalp Massage - Organic Options Available

75 minutes


Mini Facial
Clinical Facials
Including Peels - Dermaplane

- Cleansing - Exfoliation - Hand & Arm Massage - Treatment Mask

40 minutes


These treatments are designed to address problematic skin conditions using state-of-the-art products and treatments. Including acne, hyperpigmentation, hormonal, and systemic issues. By treating the core problems you get quicker, longer lasting results!

Back Treatment

This treatments begins with dry-brushing to remove surface skin cells. A second exfoliation clarifies, refines and purifies your skin. Extractions are performed if necessary. Then relax while essential oils are infused deep into your skin. To finish off, a body mask is applied to your back and you are cocooned in warmth.

$75.00   with facial $175.00


Close up of attractive man lying and rel
Men's Facial

This is a facial geared for the specific needs

that men have. You'll receive a deep cleansing, hot towels, exfoliation, and extractions.

A face, neck, and shoulder massage melt away tension.  

 After a customized mask is applied enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.  Serum, moisturizer, and spf are applied.

Personalized treatments available.


Face and Body Waxing Services

Brow or Lip Wax $30+   

Back Wax $85+

Other areas priced individually.


Intensive Hand and Foot Treatment

Indulge in a sensation of deep-heat paraffin hand and foot treatments. The very latest in paraffin technology, Perfect Sense's premium, medical-grade paraffin is infused with 11 vitamins and the mineral selenium providing powerful antioxidants and nutrients vital to healthy skin. Red Rock Detox enhances nourishment with detoxing Arizona red rock clay, renowned Romanian green silts, and black iron oxide for purification and balance. Paraffin comes in your very own sanitary, single-use gloves and slippers eliminating risks of bacterial and fungal cross-contamination. The deep penetrating heat relaxes muscles and alleviates tension while hydrating dry, chapped skin.

$30/Hands or Feet     $55/Both


LED Light Therapy

 Research has shown that "LED is an effective therapeutic modality to promote the healing of skin wounds.” The biological effects promoted by this therapy “are related to the decrease in inflammatory cells, increased fibroblast proliferation, angiogenesis stimulation, formation of granulation tissue, and increased collagen synthesis.” LED therapy is also known for its ability to rejuvenate skin, treat acne, decrease inflammation and increase


Treatments start at $30


Skin Sense Body Balance Actual Clients

More Information About LED Light Therapy
Red Light Therapy benefits
  • Stimulates collagen formation 

  • Increases ATP {fuel for our cells}

  • Stimulates cell turnover

  • Minimizes mild scaring

  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation

  • Minimizes pore size

  • Reduces wound healing time

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Smoother and improved surface texture

  • Reduces pigmentation

  • Increases circulation and moisture retention.

Blue LED Light Therapy benefits
  • Minimizes {inflamed and non-inflamed} acne conditions

  • Emits a single oxygen molecule to retard the growth of bacteria

  • Proportions bacteria: 90% of the contributing factors to acne.  

Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy
  • Increases circulation: The increased circulation heals and repairs damaged skin tissue. This increase in circulation also causes the body to rid itself of wastes and toxins. Stimulates the production of collagen which lessens build up of scar tissue. 

  • Reduces overall redness, skin damage, and dilated capillaries. 

  • Improves healing of acne, lessen coarseness, and help sun-damaged skin.

  • Skin that feels and looks younger. 

  • Wrinkle reducer and diminishes skin effects from aging, smoking, and weather. 

  • Increases lymphatic system activity. Research has shown that the lymph vessel diameter and the flow of the lymph system can be doubled with the use of light therapy.

  • Increases RNA and DNA synthesis. This helps damaged cells to be replaced more promptly. RNA, Ribonucleic Acid, a polymeric constituent of all living cells.

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